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In Germany, large-scale traders, small businesses, medium-sized companies and online retailers are required as the first party to market to license packaging in accordance with the Packaging Act (VerpackG). This is a necessary step to minimize the environmental impact of packaging waste, meet the requirements of the Packaging Act (VerpackG) and comply with system participation.

Licensing packaging: 3-step guide 


The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) contains clear regulations and obligations for companies that place packaging on the market. At first glance, these regulations can seem quite complex - especially for people who are dealing with this topic for the first time. With the help of zmart's 3-step guide, the packaging license can be applied for quickly and with legal certainty.

Step 1

Register with the central office via LUCID

The LUCID number is used with the first LUCID Packaging Register Login as an identifier at the Central Packaging Register Foundation (ZSVR). All future reports on the quantity of packaging will be made using your LUCID registration number. Your dual system will also indicate the registration number when reporting to the ZSVR.

1. To license packaging and apply for your LUCID number, 1.perform the first step of registration with the Central Packaging Register (ZSVR) via the public portal LUCID. 

2. Select the option manufacturer. There you enter your company details, including your email address and set a secure password.

3. You will then receive a confirmation email with a link. Click on this link to enter additional relevant company information and waste type information. Upon completion of this registration, you will immediately receive your individual LUCID number via email.

Step 2

Apply for a packaging license with a dual system

After LUCID registration, you apply for packaging licensing with a dual system. In doing so, you provide details of the packaging materials and quantities for which you must pay the required participation fee. You also select the year for which the license is to apply. This is usually the next calendar year. After the request, you will receive an offer from the dual system you have chosen. As soon as you conclude the contract, you fulfill your system participation obligation and transfer responsibility for the collection and environmentally sound disposal of your packaging waste.

Step 3

Complete packaging licensing via LUCID

After packaging licensing, you enter your licensed quantities in the LUCID portal. To do this, log in to the LUCID portal and select the menu item Data reporting. Here you can enter your licensed packaging either in the Plan Quantity Reporting section or, if you licensed after 01 January, in the Interannual Quantity Adjustment section.

Get further information on the Packaging Register LUCID! 



Where can you find the LUCID number? 

After registering with LUCID, your LUCID number will be sent to you by email. Usually, this is one of the first emails you will receive after your registration. The LUCID registration number is composed as follows:

  • Country code: The first two characters of the LUCID number represent the country code. For example, "DE" for Germany. 
  • Additional characters: The country code is followed by additional characters, which are often alphanumeric and usually represent a combination of letters and numbers. 
  • Check digit: The LUCID number contains a check digit to ensure the number is correct.

The structure and composition of the LUCID number may vary from country to country and from registry to registry. To obtain your own LUCID number or to find out more information about its composition, you should contact the relevant registration body or the Central Packaging Register.

Who must register with LUCID? 

Manufacturers or initial distributors of packaging in Germany are obliged to license it and apply for a LUCID number. According to the Packaging Act (VerpackG), the following groups are obliged to register with LUCID: Manufacturers (synon. distributors or initial distributors) of packaging are companies or persons who manufacture, import or place packaging on the market for the first time in Germany. In addition to large companies, LUCID registration also applies to small businesses, as well as online traders.

From when is the LUCID number valid?

The validity of your LUCID registration number starts immediately after your successful registration in the LUCID portal. After you have successfully registered and entered all required information, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from ZSVR or LUCID. In this email you will be informed of your LUCID number.

What is the difference between EPR number and LUCID number?

EPR stands for "Extended Producer Responsibility". This EPR number is a registration number assigned by the packaging registry LUCID. The EPR registration number in Germany for packaging licensing corresponds to the LUCID registration number.

The EPR number is individual and will be displayed in your LUCID dashboard after registration. You apply for your EPR number via the LUCID portal. It usually happens that in the national framework the LUCID number is requested and in the international framework the EPR number is requested.

What are the costs of the LUCID registration? 

Registration in the LUCID packaging register of the ZSVR is free of charge for manufacturers and initial distributors. The transmission of data and all related steps are free of charge. However, there are costs associated with packaging licensing. Use the zmart online calculator to quickly get an initial overview of packaging licensing costs.


Packaging licensing - summary  

By licensing packaging, manufacturers and "initial distributors" not only fulfill their obligations under the Packaging Act. They also make an important contribution to maintaining the circular economy, because valuable resources can be conserved through the proper disposal and recycling of packaging. 

It is particularly important for manufacturers to register with the Central Packaging Register Agency via the LUCID online portal before licensing packaging. Anyone who is not registered there and does not submit data reports is not allowed to sell goods in Germany. 

We will be happy to support you with your packaging licensing. The online calculator from zmart enables you to carry out fast, uncomplicated and digital packaging licensing in no time at all. In three steps, you have licensed your packaging in a legally secure manner and can then devote yourself fully to your core business again.

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